Vimeo's Coming Attractions – And $5 Million Up for Grabs


While I’m catching up on just about everything on a rainy PA Saturday morning, I find that my inbox is full of Tech Tools updates, BETA launches, and we are the winners.  In the case of Vimeo, we could quite literally be winners with $5 million up for grabs in a contest.  Read on.

Here’s what’s new on Vimeo:

New Features Coming!

  • In a few short weeks we’ll be launching our fancy new state-of-the-art Desktop Uploader. “What on Earth could that be?” you may ask. Well, it’s an easy way for you to upload videos right from your desktop! And if that’s not enough, you will be able to upload multiple files, pause and resume uploading, and edit titles and descriptions without even launching a web browser.
  • We are also still very hard at work on a robust new Stats feature that we’ve been building for almost a year . We can’t tell you too much more right now, but what we can say is that you’ll have so much information about your videos, you might just explode. Seriously. For a sneak peak, check out our blog. Everyone will get some of the goodness, but you should upgrade to Plus for the full impact.

Other News

  • Haven’t made a video in a while? Get involved with the community and participate in one of Vimeo’s great Projects! Every weekend the Vimeo Staff propose a cool project on our Blog or you can check out the Projects Forum and peruse through hundreds of other cool video projects that you can participate in.
  • For all you developers out there, we just launched our new and improved Advanced API. There are a bunch of new methods and a whole new uploading interface, so if you’re interested in making a Vimeo app, or integrating Vimeo into your own site, check out the new documentation.
  • Speaking of developers, we’re hiring! Of course, we want the best, most awesome people on the planet. If that’s you, take a look at the job descriptions here and send us your resume and/or portfolio.

$5 Million up for Grabs!

  • That’s right folks, we’ve teamed up with Doritos this year for the Crash The Super Bowl contest! It’s simple: make a commercial that ranks in the top three on the USA Today Ad Meter and you win. Check out great tips and tricks from last year’s winners, the Herbert Brothers. Visit the site for details.

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