Tech or Treat!

batIt’s back – one of the most popular DEN events ever and a California original. Join us for the Tech or Treat, a local event where you can participate in the DEN Virtual Conference and also learn from local DEN Stars. On Oct. 24th, the Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference brings the best & brightest in Discovery Education right to your laptop. But attending with friends is even more fun. We’ll project the conference on the big screen, provide the treats (lunch included) and in between virtual sessions, you’ll get in-person breakout sessions from your CA DEN team. Did I mention there’s also prizes for dressing like your favorite Discovery celebrity? At this event, there’s no question: Tech or Treat? You get both!

Update: We now have two locations for this event – one in Northern CA and one in Southern CA. Check out the Events page for more. 

Flyer: Tech-or-treat


More details on the CA event:  Events page


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