Wouldn’t it be great if your blog would read the posts aloud to your students? Or if your wiki would read activity directions to your students? Or maybe if your students could narrate a story that will be posted on your class blog, wiki, or website? Well you can do this and much more with a new tool from the Voki folks. It’s called AudioPal –

Basically when you get to the AudioPal site you can either record, type, or phone in your message. When typing you can choose from a number of voices to read the text and you get up to 600 characters with this option. Then you simply enter your email address and you receive an email with a link to the embed code. From there you simply embed the code where ever you’d like it to be.

As a bonus, did you know that when using the Builder Tools you can put those embed codes into your Builders?  That means you could put an AudioPal right in your directions by clicking the “HTML” icon and pasting the code right in the text window. Talk about differentiating!


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