Shedd Aquarium Day of Discovery

Shedd DOD

Diving into action, 112 educators across four states attended the Shedd Aquarium Day of Discovery in the heart of Chicago.  In partnership with the John G. Shedd Aquarium, Discovery Education hosted an all day professional development event free for area educators.  The day offered two strands, the integration of digital media for classroom educators and making data driven decisions for administrators attending the event.

The presentations received rave reviews.  A special thank you to our presenters:  Anne Truger, Meg Ormiston, Steve Dembo, Porter Palmer, Mike Bryant, Tracy Selock, Cathy Houchin, Mary Phillips and John Phillips

” This was a great event! All of the sessions were useful and relevant to teachers of any grade level and subject area. Numerous resources were provided and a variety of tips and strategies were demonstrated by all presenters. The DEN staff and STAR educators were very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would love to go to another event like this!”

– Danielle Guzzarde from East Maine District 63

Please watch the below for a quick review of the day.


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  1. Linda Murphy said:

    This event was amazing! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I learned more on this day than all the PD days we had last year. I had no idea that Discovery had so much more than just video. The presenters were all extremely knowledgeable, fun and approachable. Thank you Mike for taking time to answer my questions; I’ll get PowerPoint one day.

    – Linda

  2. Briana Allen said:

    Thanks Shedd and Discovery Education for a wonderful and informational day! The resources offered by both organizations are simply amazing!

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