Descriptive Writing (Borrowed and tweaked from a MySpace quiz)

By Cheryl Watford, Network Manager, Auburndale Senior High School, Polk County

Can you create an example for your subject area? 

For the TITLE, choose an emotion or a color that represents your Unit Topic along with a nickname. (You will not mention the subject anywhere in the writing.)

Sentence 1:  Choose one of the following…

·        While in class you stand there…..

·        When no one is watching in class….

·        In this subject, you are….

·        I sometimes think….

·        The subject faces….

·        We have learned….

Sentence 2:  Write a sentence with a color of an item in the unit topic.

Sentence 3:  Write a sentence with a part of an exam question in it.

Sentence 4:  Write a sentence with a simile (a comparison using like or as).

Sentence 5:  Write a sentence of over 25 words about the unit topic.

Sentence 6:  Write a sentence under 8 words describing one assignment.

Sentence 7: Write a sentence with a piece of clothing you may need in experiencing this topic.

Sentence 8:  Write a sentence with a wish in it, relating to the final outcome of the unit.

Sentence 9:  Write a sentence with an animal in it.

Sentence 10:  Write a sentence in which three or more words alliterate (that is, they begin with the same initial consonant: she has be left, lately, with less and less time to think).

Sentence 11:  Write a sentence with two commas.

Sentence 12:  Write a sentence with a smell and a color in it.

Sentence 13:  Write a sentence with a simile (a comparison using like or as).

Sentence 14:  Write a sentence that could carry an exclamation point (but do not use the exclamation point).

Can you do it??


My Example of a finished Science Unit – Humans vs Plants….


When no one is watching in class do they still breathe or move?

The green leaves flow and the peachy hands touch.

Transpiration begins in the roots and ends in the atmosphere.

Roots of a plant are like feet to a person.

When subject one eat and drink they gain nutrients from the food, while at the same time subject two will eat and drink to gain nutrients from the ground.

Create a model of a cell.

You need to wear gloves anytime you mess with either of the subjects in our unit.

We wish you all pass the final test, remembering all things you learn about the two subjects.

Homo-sapiens are mammals, which is a form of an animal.

Oxygen occurs over and over, not on the outside.

Did you know, did you care, did you learn?

Seeing and smelling any type of odor or white vapors means you are alive.

Veins are like highways and roads, in both of the subjects.

Learning about this ROCKS

Cheryl W 


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