Vote for the Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership

We would greatly appreciate your vote to help make Discovery Channel and Chevron the winners of the U.S. Chamber Business Civic Leadership Center 2009 Partnership Award.

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An alliance that began in 2002 in Angola to build educational capacity destroyed by a 27-year-long civil war is today motivating teachers and students and improving educational outcomes in five countries, across two continents.

Despite years of focus on education by the international community, many children still lack access to a quality education. Where resources are sparse the problems are most acute, and that is exactly where Chevron and DCGEP focus their efforts.

To date, Chevron and DCGEP have established 65 Learning Centers in underserved schools in Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Venezuela, and Brazil. Over 2,400 teachers, 104,000 students and 312,000 community members have benefited, and the positive impact continues to grow.

Participating schools report an increase in student enrollment, a decrease in absenteeism, and improved student motivation and academic performance.

The Learning Center initiative is a proven, comprehensive approach to creating sustainable change in schools. Developed by DCGEP and successfully implemented in 12 countries around the world, the project equips schools with a television, a DVD player, and a library of high-quality, locally relevant educational videos, and provides three years of in-depth teacher training and mentoring.

Through the intensive training program, teachers learn to use the DCGEP videos to enhance math and science curriculums and to connect students to other lands, cultures, and ideas.

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