DE Streaming and Glogster

One of my favorite Web 2.0 tools is Glogster! The simplest explanation of Glogster is a site where the user can create an online multimedia poster. Not only can you add text, but sound and movies including DE Streaming clips. If you are using it in the classroom, I recommend you use the Edu version at It is quick and easy to set up accounts for all of your students and it protects them from questionable content on the regular site. The guide below will help you get started. A quick tip: if you use DE Streaming Clips set the glog to private.


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  1. Mary Del Bianco said:

    I am using glogster edu with 8th graders. They have an assigned, password protected account. They must submit their assignment as a glog. It is very efficient. I can review their work with a single log in to my glogster account. I LOVE it!

    Is there going to be a glogster breakout session at the virtual conference?

  2. Karen Hoffman said:

    Do you think this is something that would work with primary students also? Currently, I teach third grade TAG and I would like to open their assignment projects to something like this.

  3. Lauren said:

    My students LOVE using glogster. I was worried at first that they wouldn’t be displayed like traditional posters but I post them on my wikispace and I think the students are looking at them more on there than traditional posters on the wall

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