Focus on Massachusetts STARs: Introducing Sara Fischer



Sara Fischer, 5th Grade Teacher, Israel Loring Elementary School, Sudbury, MA  01776

Sara has worked on many technology related projects throughout her 8 eight at the Loring Elementary school.  Sara’s teaching skills are exemplary and apparent in the day to day happenings in her classroom.  Her students are attentive and eager to learn because Sara makes learning meaningful and encourages student involvement in every aspect of her classroom.  Sara is an “Activ” teacher who has completed a Promethean “Train the Trainer” course, making her a highly effective interactive whiteboard classroom teacher and trainer in our district.  Sara is also A STAR Discovery Educator!  She designs every lesson using the tools provided to enhance the curriculum and make it come alive for her students.  

Sara has incorporated wikis (online classroom conversations) in every subject matter in her classroom.  Students contribute to any number of content related topics using the laptops assigned to this school’s 5th graders during the day as well as from home.  This has enabled several of her more reticent students to contribute in ways they never could before.  Her students have also created a variety of podcasts which are accessible via her classroom web page.  All of her students have voice…

Sara incorporates Discovery Education’s video resources in both her teaching and her student’s learning.  As an example, her class recently completed a long term research project on the Aztec, Incan and Mayan cultures that took them to traditional resources in the library as well as resources online.  The final product was to create a movie that incorporated a handful of short video clips from Discovery’s resources, editing them, adding text and other features to make a movie presentation of their team’s topic.  What was so unique, and a perfect example of Sara’s knowledge of what it is kids need to learn most effectively, is that she gave the students the video clips with the audio removed.  Students wrote scripts and then recorded their own voices over the clips they chose to form a coherent and powerful presentation. This technique allowed students to more powerfully and authentically reflect their understanding of the content.  They also used FlipVideo cameras to videotape each other speaking the glossary terms which were added to the end of each movie.  Sara confidently puts the tools in the hands of her students!!  Yeah Sara!


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  1. Laura Burney said:

    Yeah Sara! You are a STAR!!!! and a pleasure to work with and learn with!

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