Hello Pennsylvania!

First of all, I want to say that it feels awesome to have been selected to be a member of the PA Blog team.  I hope to blog on a regular basis and share resources and other great things that can be used in the classroom.  This blog post will mainly be an intro so those out there can learn a little bit about me.

 I am currently the Director of Technology Integration for Propel Schools.  Propel is a group of charter schools located in the Pittsburgh area.  I started teaching 2nd grade at Propel East and absolutely loved my job.  Prior to spending 3 years in a second grade classroom, I taught 3  years teaching in an alternative setting.  During my time in second grade, I really had the opportunity to explore some technology resources and found out that integrating technology was something that really engaged my students and made teaching so much fun! After my time in the classroom, I had an opportunity to leave the classroom and share my love for integrating technology with all 5 schools that are part of Propel.  I absolutely love my job and really think that I have made some changes in how we as a district approach technology and how it is being utilized in the classroom.

Some of the things that I enjoy doing is spending time with my wife and 4 kids. I am an avid SMARTboard user and love to share all of the things I know in regards to integrating this awesome tool into the classroom. The school year has been off to a great, but very busy start for me. I’d like to apologize for the delay on my part in finding the time to introduce myself and get this blog started. I promise that I will do better at posting, and that you will find my posts to be helpful, informative and lots of fun!  

 Along with the many takeaways you will gather from my blog posts, I would encourage you to start any conversation about the resources I post.

Let’s start with this video about a child prodigy who integrates technology. Thoughts? Comments?



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  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Our blog team is so happy to welcome you, your expertise, and your wonderful approach to sharing resources. I love that you will continue to bring us success stories from PA teachers about our students, and that you will share sites with us, telling us why we should embrace them as you and your teachers already have. Thanks so much for your voice and presence.

  2. Joe Oliphant said:

    Thank you RJ for your nice words. There is enormous talent in our wonderful state of PA. I think we should continue to share what we do on a daily basis to make the PA DEN Blog and the PA DEN LC the leader. if you think about the PAIU TIMS, the PAECT members, and the PA KEYSTONES, we should have this accomplished with no problem at all.

    Give a gift…share an idea!

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