Blogging Basics for Educators

blog_image.jpgSo obviously if you’re reading this post, you’ve visited at least one blog. Maybe you’ve even considered using a blog in your classroom, but you’re just not entirely sure how a blog works or how to properly implement a blog into your learning environment. Well fear no more! The folks at Teachers First have created a “Blog Basics for the Classroom” resource just for educators. This site starts readers at the very basics of “What is a blog,” gives  several ideas of using a blog in an educational setting, and walks readers through the initial steps of laying the groundwork for a successful classroom/educational blog. The best part about this site is that it is teacher created and is continuing to be added to by educators, so the information and ideas are current and fresh.

Here are a few more things to consider before starting a blog in your classroom:

Internet safety – It is very important to not only teach Internet safety to your students when you first introduce the blog, but to model those techniques and to continue to re-teach them throughout the year.

Appropriate permission – If you are going to have students post or add comments to your blog, you’ll want to get parent permission as well as make sure your school/district allows this type of interaction with the Internet.

Student contract – If your students are going to be adding content to the blog, sending home a student contract isn’t a bad idea either. This way teacher, students, and parents are all aware of the expectations.

    As a bonus, did you know that Discovery Education provides free blog hosting for all STAR Discovery Educators? Still not a STAR Discovery Educator? That’s OK – all the information you need to become a STAR is on the Discovery Education website and can be found HERE. So now that you’re armed with the knowledge and support, what are you waiting for – start blogging!


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