Gentle Reminder: Newbie Session

barrell.jpgDo you wonder how you can keep your avatar from slumping over mid-conversation (not polite) or use your camera tool to view what’s on the second floor without going actually going up there? Do you know how close someone needs to be to hear “chat” conversation? Or when to “whisper” or “shout”? Do you want to put on a new outfit without worrying about an essential piece not “showing up” and feeling like the Emperor in his “new clothes”?

Join us on Wednesday, October 21, at the DEN (2DP) to brush up your SL skills. Bring questions on these or any topics you need help with, and we will be glad to smooth out the rough spots in your SL experience.

Sessions begins at 5 p.m. SLT (8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central)

See you in-world!


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