SC EdTech 2009 …. Care to share?

Another EdTech has pulled together South Carolina’s best and brightest STARS!

Last week, educators from our wonderful state traveled to Myrtle Beach for some fun in the…well, not much sun at all. What we DID find were fellow DEN members and STARS who were ready to learn, collaborate, and share.

STARS were all over the Grand Strand convention center. Doing what you may ask?We could be found strutting our stuff to a room of eager audiences, as well as in the exhibit hall- manning vendor stations and building connections with future STARS. And if you didn’t catch a STAR at the Convention Center, then you were sure to see them rubbing elbows with crews from ETV, Know It All, and ITV at Amici’s on Broadway.

Did you attend EdTech? Got a funny story to tell? Care to share a new site you discovered? Would you like to post photos from the DEN event at Amici’s? YOU CAN DO IT ALL!

Leave a comment below for us to see, or email photos to the DEN Leadership Council and we will post them to the blog. We would LOVE to hear from you!


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  1. Robin Gerzema said:

    I thoroughly enjoyed all the sesssions and keynotes, however, the best aspect for me was the fact that I didn’t have to buy a car!! Last year my transmission went out the minute I drove into the hotel parking garage. I attended sessions in the morning on the first day and bought a car that night.

    But seriously, the sessions this year seem to be more diverse and creative!

  2. Jessica D. said:

    Wow, Robin- that is DEFINITELY a plus.

    I have to share, too. My laptop started shutting down for Windows updates in the middle of my session presentation. My session was basically just sharing tips for effective presentations. It turned into what NOT to do.

    Can’t wait to see what kind of damage I can do NEXT year!

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