WOW #4: Get Your Kicks on BrainyFlix! is running VOCAB CONTESTS GALORE in conjunction with MIT.

What this means for your students is the opportunity to learn SAT & ACT vocabulary AND to compete to win prizes- i.e. cash, iTunes, and maybe more.

First up- the Brainypics Flashcard Contest! 

Brainypics submitted between NOW and DECEMBER 7, 2009 will compete for a $200 Grand Prize with half of the money going to the Brainypic creator and the other half to his or her school. The winner will be announced on Dec. 10, 2009.

* How will the winner be chosen? Every week, 5 favorite Brainypics will be chosen, and those 5 will qualify for the final round of judging. The contest lasts 10 weeks, so the winner will be choosen out of 50 total Brainypics. (By the way, they are looking for guest judges. Please be in touch if you are interested in judging!)
* Uhhh, what is a Brainypic? You can see it here:
* Who can participate? ANYONE!
* How many times can you submit a Brainypic? As many times as you want! You could possibly have more than 1 Brainypic in the final round of judging if you are rocking it every week. And on top of that, you’ll receive 1 free 99 cent iTunes song for every 5 Brainypics you submit.
* Will there be runner-up prizes? YES. BrainyFlix really likes giving stuff away! They will pick 10 runner ups. Last year the runners-up got iTunes gift cards.

For full details, go to

Have Fun, Good Luck & Happy Learning 🙂

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