Twitter as a collaborative tool

Want to learn more about how Twitter can be used as a collaborative tool in education?  Then you won’t want to miss out on reading this recent article from EdWeekKathleen Manzo, the author, interviewed quite a few educators to determine how Twitter is actually be used in classrooms.  Among those interviewed?  STAR Discovery Educator Dorie Glynn and I!

Dorie Glynn, who teaches a bilingual 2nd grade class at Kirk Elementary School in Houston, has been preparing students for conversations of their own on Twitter. The students have started following other classes at the school, and across the country, as they get ready to share data on regional cultures, weather, and to play a virtual I Spy game, in which they will hunt for geometric shapes in maps and photos sent from Twitter followers in other places.

“I see a huge amount of potential for connecting with another classroom, asking regional questions, comparing and contrasting areas,” Ms. Glynn said.

That’s just a taste for you, but you can read the entire article here.

Thanks to Kathleen for providing me the opportunity to comment on the topic, and for sharing such a valuable article about an oft-misunderstood tool.


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  1. Lynn said:

    I find the use of twitter fascinating and something that will surely explode as teachers become more confident with using it in our classrooms. I think this would be a great tool for 2nd language learners -they could tweet each other in the target language.

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