The Front Story

We understand the concept of a “back story” and a “back channel,” but I noticed I almost never think of the front story, what comes before something. So it was last evening when Steve Dembo began with all the initiatives that Discovery has embarked upon, before Chris Dede‘s opening EdTechConnect webinar. I missed the first screen capture about the Discovery Adventures Abroad, but have the rest, and want to share these opportunities for you and your students the way we like best: images. Here they are, beginning with the Siemens Challenge.

Discovery Education and the 3M Young Scientist Challenge just crowned this year’s winner, Marina Dimitrov of Boseman, MT. One of your students could be the next top young scientist.

Scotch Science Fair Central lends a whole new sense of meaning to the old-fashioned science fairs of my day. Interested in a 21st century science fair and tips for winning. Just check out Scotch Central.

Fuel Our Future Now — could anything be more timely. Again, I guess you would have to be old enough to remember waiting for hours in gas lines on the days of your license plate number’s ending. Remember the odd and even days when you were allowed to get in line, waste gas waiting, just to buy gas. When you live through gas line, you learn never to let your tank get lower than half, a resolution that has remained with me to this day. Can’t think of any better reasons for for fueling our future now.

According to November’s Body and Soul issue, Americans produce more garbage from Thanksgiving to Christmas than many other countries do in an entire year. Do we need a better reason to go green. Check out Discovery Education’s partnership with Waste Management.

Like it or not, emergency preparedness is a reality of everyday life, be it at home or especially in school. This DE partnership provides a wealth of resources for dealing with emergency situations. If you mouse over your state, you will find additional resources available to you.

With all the DEN blogs out there, it is impossible to choose a favorite. But if there is one go-to blog that I keep checking, it has to be Porter Palmer’s The DEAN’s List. Why? Many reasons. I met her at last summer’s LC Institute and we clicked. But even more, she is a walking wealth of resources on an often-neglected aspect of education: assessment. My biggest hope is that the predictive assessment piece is soon developed and marketed for PA, because I know that Discovery has a better way of teaching and learning with predictive benchmarks. AMEN. I want the tool, and I want it yesterday for my district.

If like me, you think that Discovery Education provides an array of amazing partnerships, perhaps you will explore how you can use these resources in your classroom.


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