2009 Fall Virtual Conference

During our in person meeting at Kennedy High School during the virtual conference we had the opportunity to listen to Jen Dorman, Mike Bryant, and Steve Dembo. We were given several great resources during the presentations.


To see Jen Dorman’s resources click HERE. Jen’s presentation was called, “Do You Have the Audacity to Podcast?” On her Wiki she has several links to podcasting sites that create an RSS feed for anyone to subscribe to. She also has tutorials for using Audacity and directions for downloading the application.


Mike Bryant had a great presentation called, “Thinking Outside the Slide.” Mike presented on how to build dynamic PowerPoint or Keynote presentations and put it into MyPlick.


Steve Dembo followed him with a presentation called, “Putting the Bling in Your Builders.” His presentation showed really cool ideas for embedding content into DE Streaming assignment builders. Although we only met in person for the first half of the conference there was still much more to see. Therefore if you would like to view all of the conference presentations please visit the DEN blog by clicking HERE.


Click HERE to print off your certificate of attendance for the 2009 Fall Virtual Conference.


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