Getting Started With Discovery Education

Tracey McGrath and Patti Duncan, PA Leadership Council members, began the day with “Getting Started With Discovery Education,” a presentation pitched to beginners who want to immerse themselves slowly in Discovery basics.  Tracey began with introductions, with participants stating their name, school, and giving a brief description of their experience with education and technology.  Then participants shared their experience using Discoverystreaming.  Levels of use varied, and while Tracey worked with attendees, Patti worked one-on-one with teachers who did not have access to Discoverystreaming by creating accounts for them with a login code. Here’s Tracey’s presentation, which she uploaded to Slideshare:

Because users came with totally different levels of beginnners, both instructors worked interactively with their audience to get them literally “on the same page.”  While they were individualizing instruction and providing differentiated learning experiences with technology integration, I was on my own learning curve. I always work on my professional blog, and then copy/paste to PA.  However, Blogger was blocked, so I had to learn how to import images in this blog.  Along with this session’s attendees, I became a learner too, understanding their anxiety as mine notched up with each new thing I tried.

picture-1.pngSince Discoverystreaming is new and improved, Tracey began with the major changes to the template with the pull-down menus that allow for easier access to disciplines and supplementary material you need and want.  Content Links and QuickLinks are the newest feature, and one we love, because it puts everything that you want at your fingertips on the login page.  One of the best new features is the “hover over” with the videos; as you hover over, the videos play, as well as show content descriptions and grade levels.

When you find your video, at the bottom left of the video, you need to pay attention to your stream type.  If you are on a Mac, you need to change your stream time to QuickTime; if on a PC, you will select Windows Media.  The program defaults to Windows Media, so you need to select QuickTime if you are a Mac user, but it is a one-time only selection.

Participants learned how create content in their folders, how to scaffold information, and for many, this event was their first experience with Discoverystreaming.  We sequed to song searches, and a review of “My Content” additions.

The range of media available is awesome (promised I would not use this word, or Steve’s bling word but here it is) in the drill-down menu, which absolutely amazed the participants.  Me included, and I am a user.

Because our LC really made a concerted effort to reach out to new users and beginners who wanted to learn the basics before they flew, our LC team is providing 3 “Learners Lab” sessions, conveniently positions after each live event. All the session’s participants remained, and were joined by a few newcomers as well. What a great scheduling idea–thanks, Patti!

Tracey’s resources are uploaded to Media Share and can be accessed here.


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