North LA Links Up With NASA!

We are linking up with NASA today for a guest session for the in-person event at Evangel.  Evangel has been using the application, “Distance Learning…as only NASA can” at their school for a while and is gracious enough to share the connection with the rest of us!

NASA offers four different programs through the videoconferencing.  NASA believes in engaging the learner so the process is interactive. NASA believes, “Delivering interactive instruction in support of Long-term retention of knowledge. ”   They are available before, during, and after school as well as Saturday.  The NASA program is willing to be flexible to help out educators with “one-stop shopping.”  You can reach it at http://dln.nasa.govNASA

NASA has on-demand programs as well and can schedule a program for your needs.  You can search by subject, keyword, etc.  One example is their program, “Can Shoeboxes Fly?”   Imagine the strength you can add to your lessons and learning with this resource!  They also offer professional development for educators!  Too cool to miss!


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