Ten Things Betya Didn't Know You Could Do With DE…with Patti Duncan

pa230892.JPGThe no-so-spooky hour of 2 has just passed, and we’re live again with Patti Duncan, who admits that earlier presentations, both live and virtual, stole most of her tools.  According to her, however, she has many tools in her pockets, so she is good to go.  Her goal: despite whatever your level of use, she will have something new for you.  Here we go.

  1. Step by Step WebMath (under Parents Corner).
  2. Parents Corner.
  3. Worksheets.
  4. Enter.Win.Wow!.
  5. My DE Page: all your folders show on your home page.
  6. Bottom Right of My DE: PA 4 recent blog posts; webinars; additional resources.
  7. At #7, we come to Patti’s 1/10: State Academic Standards are a great way to do an easy topic search (better than the conventional search, which will only show a result if you hit the exact title, or a word in your subject search); curriculum standards search by subject gives you a wider search net.
  8. Different media types: if you have not gone to the drop-down Content menu, you are missing dozens of media types.  Why? Because Discovery is your online vetted textbook and there’s just nothing better; you can take any media and add it to “My Content,” but you can also send it directly to a Builder or classroom students.
  9. Share tab (my absolute favorite) mimics Firefox Sharaholic and other sites which embed social networking sharing.
  10. Discoverystreaming songs: can use them as classroom warm-ups, ESL learners, vocabulary building (words in song tunes; can voice over).
  11. Sound effects: write a story based on what they heard or to set a mood; can dress to the mood being created–Patti does that–ask them what they hear, build to content-specific vocabulary; visualize Patti in waders with a net with a nature audio collage–and then build your lesson.
  12. Images: download in 3 sizes; preview in large and do a “diving into the picture” (similar to “diving into the sound”) by magnifying aspects of a large image in “preview large.”
  13. Clip Art: safe, educational; Patti uses an image of a dog eating homework as an assignment reminder.
  14. Keyword search: narrowed by left navigational sidebar, filtered by media type, editable, ESL, black-line masters, CC for differentiated classrooms where increasing fluency matters, and much more.
  15. Closed Captioning: you need to enable CC button; download the video and the CC file as well; then you can go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Word Pad, File, Open, and open the .smi file for CC; now you can go in and change the font size to 20 and change the font type, and you can make it bold and you can also change the color.
  16. Media Share in the Teacher Center, Discovery Educator Network, Educator Resources–>search for “How To Guides”

Like all things DEN, Patti exceeded our expectations with more than the promised 10.  My favorite–and new to me–was #15.


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