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As we wind down towards the end of the 1st Quarter –  a point where teachers have somehow have managed to get over the initial speed bump of the new school year, find themselves looking back to reflect on their classes. What worked? What didn’t?  How do you/we make it better?

So what are some tips and treats that have helped you thus far to make it work? Make it better?

As for me, I have found the following tips and treats that have helped me in my classes.

·   “A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle.” – – Anonymous

Share your knowledge, your ideas; build a community of learners…Strength in numbers. Look to others, give to others, become a twitter, a follower, blogger, etc.

·   Read, research, and be resourceful.

Be open to change, look for new ways, new ideas. Just because “it’s always been done that way” doesn’t mean it has to be done that way.  Step out of the box, out of your area, out of your state.

·   Learn and introduce a new technology format or media to your assignments and activities.

It’s amazing how this is an exciting treat for the students and helps them to become more engaged in the curriculum.  Change up the routine and surprise them with something new and give them a different alternative.

For example, after completing an unit, typically the students goes back and review all of the vocabulary words and then save it to a word document in their files for their upcoming vocabulary test. In lieu of this, have the students create a Pictionary/BrainyPic format (visual flashcard) from their vocabulary words. Students will use pictures, definition, and use the vocabulary word in a sentence.



This bird is completely oblivious to the cat right behind it.

By: crazylaxer1


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  1. Pat Abondolo said:

    I absolutely love this picture. I keep coming back to see it again — what a great teaching tool. Thanks for the very helpful list of resourcs.

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