Nothing but treats

This weekend was the Tech or Treat virtual conference.  I hope that you were able to attend a few of the sessions that were offered.  They were all excellent.  However, if you missed one of the presentations, they will archive them on the DEN site starting next week.  One that you can catch right now via prezi is Steve Dembo’s session on “Putting the Bling in the Builders”.  Here is the url:   Steve shows you how to use Blabberize and a lot of other tools that will help you take assignment builder to the next level.

Another great treat that Den has in store is set to happen next week. There are two great DEN events happening in Florida.  The first one is November 5 at Boomers in Boca Raton( The second event is being held on November 7 at Sea World in Orlando. The Sea World event may already be on wait list, but I would see if there are any spots left. To register go to :

I hope you will enjoy the treats from Discovery and I hope to meet some of you next week at the Sea World event.


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