And a good time was had by all…

The Connecticut DEN Leadership Council held a kickoff/networking dinner right after the conclusion of the CECA/CASL 2009 Conference in Hartford this past Monday. As the pictures below show, it was a great evening to share perspectives about the conference, put names to faces, and to learn more about our DEN colleagues. The DEN Leadership Council was delighted that so many DEN Stars and the Discovery staff attending the conference were able to join in the evening’s fun.

One of the things that struck me as we all debriefed about the conference sessions and what we liked, and did not like, and what we wanted more of and less of next year, was that in a Web 2.0 world, these conversations do not have to stop as we waved goodbye. While we were concluding a one a year, one day event, our sharing and learning could go on.  And for the colleagues who could not join us for the conference, sharing here might give them a look at the autumnal nuggets of knowledge we were able to gather.

So, my challenge to all the folks out there (DEN or not) who come across this posting – What were your three “take aways” from this conference? What three  things will stick with you, rattle around in your head for a while and somehow leak out into your practice? I’ll go first and put mine in the main post, you can add yours as comments on this blog post. And Jane Cook, because I know you will have more than three you wil have to share your longer list on the Wiki page our colleague Pam Skelly made for the EASTCONN Tech Council –!

Here are mine:

Jamie McKenzie – The nature of the information question is key to spurring students to go beyond copy, paste and smoosh projects.
Kathy Schrock – The difference between managing your email via IMAP versus POP can smooth out your information work flow (and that I need to tweet the final score of UCONN football games!)
Maria Lizano-DiMare – The programming language Alice is 3D and spatial in nature. It seems a bit more complex than Scratch because of the spatial orientation to the programming. It might be a good follow on to Scratch. The presenter did mention Alice Story Telling which is an easier version, but did not show it. Alice Story Telling is PC only.

So there you go! What three things will you take away?

Steve Sokoloski
(follow me on Twitter – stevesoko)

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  1. David Andrade said:

    I was unable to attend the conference but I did attend the dinner meeting. We had some great discussions about education and educational technology too.

    I agree that this conversation can continue because of Web 2.0 tools. Check out my blog,, where I post about educational technology and educational practices. I love to hear from other teachers about what they are doing in their classrooms.

    I look forward to working with the CT DEN Leadership Council.


  2. Joe Fromme said:

    Here are my three takeaways from CECA.
    1. The tension that exists between the need for real learning for students on the one hand, and the requirements of test scores and ayp, etc. on the other.
    2. The wonderfully creative ways many teachers are providing authentic learning experiences for their students in spite of the many constraints placed on them.
    3. The number and quality of resources (both free and low cost) that are available to enhance the learning experience.

  3. Jane Cook said:

    Here are my three takeaways:
    1) Jamie McKenzie’s comment: “Replacing Library Media Specialists with aides is a form of intellectual disarmament in this Information Age.”
    2) I’m checking out 365 on Flickr at
    3) Kathy Schrock has convinced me to put an iTouch on my Christmas Wish List.
    How’s that for synthesis, Steve?

  4. Lynn Reedy said:

    Here are a few things that I have taken away from CECA:

    Thank you to Tom Daccord for not only having a Today’s Meet session in the background (and commenting on various posts) but giving some real authentic learning examples.

    Carol Larow- great ideas for forms, and I learned about the Wonder Wheel (an Inspiration type wheel- great for research)

    Dr. Alan J Taylor- I will certainly check out DimDim, which can be used with 20 people at one time and share your desktop. I’d like to try this out with our Dark Skies project participants in various states and countries.

    I still feel we are not connected to those that could not make the conference. We should have had some live feeds. I am always amazed on how Steve Dembo constantly connects with others anywhere he is, whether they are in the room or not. Where was Live Stream at CECA?

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