DEN Virtual Conference Archives Posted

Over 1600 educators attended the DEN Virtual Conference last Saturday and I think about 1300 of them emailed me to ask when the archives will be available!  Well, thanks for waiting patiently, and now your patience is being rewarded!

The entire Virtual Conference, all seven hours of it, has now been posted online!  If you go to the Virtual Conference page, you’ll be able to view any of the presentations online, or if you like you can click on the title link to download them and watch them full screen in all their hi-rez glory.

Don’t forget, you’ll always be able to find them within the DEN Educator Resources section as well, if you’d like to embed them in your own blog or website.

Did you attend the Virtual Conference?  If so, share your favorite memory of the day with us!  We’d love to hear some stories from around the country.


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  1. Catherine Lambert said:

    I was unable to attend the virtual DEN this time around. Is there a link where one can view recordings of the sessions? Last time I was able to see a few and found them very informative.

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