Costume contest winners!

The voting was fierce, as the ranks shifted several times over the last few days.  But when the dust settled, three winners emerged!  Congrats to all the winners, a brand new HD Flip Cam is going to be in the mail to you.  And many thanks to everybody who participated, it truly put the ‘treat’ in Tech or Treat!

Best Discovery themed costume:

Christie Berrier, as the MythBusters!

Bekka Stasny as The Deadliest Catch!

Vasantha Rayman as the DEN STAR!


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  1. Cassie said:

    Congratulations to the winners! At the risk of sounding like a poor sport, I would like to voice my concern that the rules of the contest kept being changed. (Something to think about for next time.) Originally, it was said the prizes would be awarded the day of the contest. That was changed to Moday to allow eveyone to submit their photos. Then on Monday, the contest was opened up to a week of voting.
    Sorry if this sounds petty, but coming from a small private school with limited funds, I didn’t think I’d have enough registered colleagues to help me get enough votes to compete against some public school teachers.
    Good luck with next year’s contest.

  2. Cassie said:

    Deadliest Catch costume is cute 🙂 What class met on a boat? I want to sign up for that one next time!

  3. Sarah S. said:

    I really liked the Mythbusters idea. I watch that show all the time, very interesting! They look so much alike, are they twins?

  4. Sue said:

    Hi,I’m Sue ,I’m from China,the photos were so cute ..I like it..

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