EdTechConnect featuring Gary Stager

gary_stager.jpgOn Wednesday, November 18th at 7pm EST, we’re thrilled to feature Gary Stager as our EdTechConnect speaker!  There are few speakers that are more passionate, dedicated and devoted to bringing about change in education.  If you’ve never had a chance to see him present before,  you won’t want to miss this opportunity.  If you HAVE seen him, perhaps on the Keynote panel from this year’s NECC conference, then I’m sure I don’t even need to say anything more to convince you to register.  As David Thornburg has stated, “Some people think ‘outside of the box.’ Gary is unaware of the box’s existence!”

Creative Computing and the Case for Project-based Learning

Veteran computer-using educator, speaker and journalist Dr. Gary Stager will explore how project-based learning fuels creativity and amplifies the power of computing. This webinar will explore questions of “What is a project?” and “What are the essential elements of a good project?” The theory underlying such practice will be discussed and imaginative applications challenging each learner to maximize their potential will be shared.

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  1. Kaiesha Sajous said:

    I recently took a course on PBL. and instantly became interested in learning more about its theory and whether it can be implemented in a single classroom. There seem to be a few other theories which work in a similiar fashion. On a recent visit to a school which identifies itself as a progressive school, they highlighted their theme based approach. Is this the same as PBL? I have registed for the webinar and look forward to learning more about PBL.

  2. Catherine Lambert said:

    I saw Gary Stager is San Jose last year and enjoyed his ability to shake his audience’s preconceptions. He is a master of his subject in that he can turn it on its head and we can still recognize what he is speaking about, This in itself seems to me to be a characteristic of a well run project: as a teacher I have experienced most success in the projects that reflect subjects or areas that I have mastery or deep experience in. Simple but true…

  3. Michelle said:

    I have just recently completed a course and project based learning. I believe this webinar will be a great follow up. Currently, I do integrate some PBL activities with my fifth graders, though I am greatly interested in learning new ways to amplify my student’s creativity. Also, with differentiation as a largely used buzz word I am intrigued to hear what practices Stager suggests challenging each learners imagination in a way that will maximize their full potentional. PBL’s can be a challenge to manage, thus I am eager to gain more knowledge from an expert and leader in the field.

  4. Lisa Linn/Clare Lane/Clarevoyant said:

    A heads-up for those of you who have had classes on PBL. I had several in my masters program -all were excellent, but what you will hear from Gary, will likely have the concepts you learned turned upside-down and spun around a few times for good measure!

    I often don’t care for the way Gary says things, but rarely do I disagree with what he says, and never have I heard him speak that I didn’t go away with a new awareness, new ideas, and a vastly expanded view of the concepts he’s presented. I very much look forward to doing so again, as well as sharing responses on back chat.

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