Fast Five

Ever invent something on the fly in the classroom?  I did last week, looking for a five-minute filler that would wrap a class.  Enter Fast Five.  Post a mini-blog: 5 sentences or 5 minutes–whichever comes first–for five points.  Students seem to like it.  Here’s the DEN translation: 5 links to previously posted items or 5 minutes–whichever comes first–on weekly updates or new news.

Want to be a DEN GURU?

Want a DEN Hoodie?

Tech or Treat (new page link):

As part of our Tech or Treat theme, many STARs dressed up as their favorite Discovery personalities.  After a week’s worth of voting, we are pleased to announce this year’s winners (each will receive a HD Flip camera).

Christie Berrier, as the MythBusters

Bekka Stasny as The Deadliest Catch

Vasantha Rayman as the DEN STAR

Five minutes came first, so that’s all, folks.


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