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I posted about Google Wave a while ago, but now happily am using it and must say I really love it. The Wave promise was that it would redefine email and web communication. You might want to try it yourself to see if it lived up to the hype and the promise . I’ll let you decide.

Here are some related videos that can help you get started with The Basics.

Starting A New Wave
A Wave can be both a document and a conversation.

Replying To A Wave
You can reply anywhere in a wave.

Editing Waves
All participants on a wave can edit any part of the wave, at the same time.

Reading Through Waves
To quickly read through unread blips in a wave, hit the spacebar.

Updating Your Profile

Help your contacts recognize you on a wave. In the Contacts area, just click your name. Learn more.

Working With Waves

The playback feature lets you move through the history of a wave.

Installing Extensions

Extensions let you add rich content and interactions to waves, or integrate with other systems.

Visit the Google Wave featured extensions

Attaching Photos And Files

To attach a file to a wave, start in edit mode. Then either:

  • Click the paperclip and select the file from your desktop or
  • To drag and drop right from the desktop into a wave, install Gears in your browser.

Learn more

Spelling Correction

Arranging Panels
You can make more room on your screen by moving and minimizing panels.

The scrollbars in Google Wave are a little different.

Organizing Your Waves

Clearing your inbox

You can remove waves from your inbox in two main ways:

* Archive: takes a wave out of your inbox until someone updates it
* Mute: takes a wave out of your inbox unless someone adds a private reply to you

You can always find these waves again by searching for them.

Learn more

Searching For Waves

Use the search box to find waves by typing keywords and advanced search terms.

Creating A Saved Search
Find a set of waves quickly with a saved search.

Adding Tags To A Wave

Making Folders

Create folders to organize your waves.

For more tips and trouble-shooting, visit Google Wave Help Center
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