"The Global Achievement Gap" – discussed

7 Skills


Virtual worlds, virtual field trips, machinima, teen grid, Quest Atlantis….

just to name a few of the topics discussed at the SL DEN campfire last night, Nov 4th.  We talked about the book by Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap. We agreed that the 7 skills in the book are essential.

The hour flew by as we shared what we are doing to help change the classroom into a place where students are inspired to learn, create and use their imaginations.  We also talked about how the support each other in that endeavor.
Homework was given and we will be back next Wed to do some building and creating ourselves in SL.
If you want to join us, the SLURL is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eduisland%202/98/98/22

Bring a notecard with a landmark to an island that inspires!
and an image about creativity to add to a sculpture!


Hope to see you there! Telos


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