Sea World…. Welcomes Denny to the FL DEN LC!

Hello World!

The November 7th Sea World event was a great eye-opener!

Our group’s quest was to find out as much as we could about sharks for the day.  We spent several minutes hunting and finding the ‘Shark Den’ and once we arrived, we watched the sharks swim and took many pictures!

From there, we went back to our ‘training room’ and created a glogster page with our shark information.  We added a link to an animoto video and researched the internet for great shark information.  Continuing with the theme of sharks, we found a website that had shark games!!

Follow our teams efforts…. here we go!

By the Way…. Denny is our ‘Mascot’ for the FL DEN Leadership Council… watch for many many more visits and theme related events with Denny!!


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