Administrators and Technnology Evaluation (by way of the Twitter hashtag – #edchat)

A very cool thing happens on Twitter on Tuesdays. It is called #edchat which is an outgrowth of #teachertuesdays. The syntax of #edchat and #teachertuesdays is called a hashtag in Twitter. Hashtags are used to mark or label a tweet so that a conversation on a particular topic can be followed. In this case #teachertuesday is a tag that is used on Tuesday Twitter posts when you want to recommend other educators to follow. Because Tuesdays were the day when educators were likely to be scanning Twitter for educational postings, a convention developed to start particular conversations about educational topics with the hashtag #edchat. In particular from at 7PM and at 12PM  in the eastern time zone on Tuesdays, a topic  generated from a poll earlier in the day is introduced with #edchat and great Twitter conversations ensue.  You can find out more about about the concept in Shelly Terrell’s  (ShellTerrell on Twitter) post in the Teacher Reboot Camp Blog – #Edchat Join the Conversation.

This past Tuesday the conversation was about Administrators and Technology. Steven W. Anderson (web20classroom on Twitter) in his blog post today – “How Should Administrators Measure Effective Technology Use?” sums up the #edchat conversation and adds his own thoughts. It was a good read!

Steve Sokoloski (stevesoko on Twitter)


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