Siemens "We Can Change The World" Challenge

The LCs around the country just received an email from Lance Rougeux explaining the prizes available to STAR Discovery Educators and State Leadership Councils.

The Siemens’ “We Can Change The World” Challenge is open to K-8 teachers this year.  (Don’t worry, it will be K-12 next year).  Since this is a program that the vast majority of the DEN community can participate in, Discovery has pulled out all the stops to get as many of us enrolled as possible.  How about these prizes?

  • Any STAR Discovery Educator who enters the challenge by January 31, 2010 will have his/her name put into a drawing to win a trip to the NSTA National Conference in Philadelphia, PA (March 18-21, 2010).  Airfare, hotel, and conference registration will be covered by the DEN!  You must be a STAR Discovery Educator, and you must let the DEN know that you and your students have entered the “We Can Change The World” Challenge by filling out this form.


  • The state (where there is a DEN Leadership Council) with the highest number of entries to the “We Can Change The World” Challenge will earn a Day of Discovery in conjunction with the DEN’s Spring Virtual Conference!  The entire day will be planned, managed, and executed by the DEN team giving the state LC a break.  Hall Davidson, Steve Dembo, and other members of the DEN team will be there in person to conduct workshops!!!

I’m putting in my application this weekend.  We want someone from TN to go to the NSTA Convention.  We also want to be the state that hosts this great Day of Discovery!

What are you waiting for?  Sign up today!


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