Diss Disorganization with Dropbox

Web Tool of the Week #7: 


 What is DropBox?

  • DropBox is a free file organization/storage tool that works both on & offline.  That is, you can download the software for free to use on your computer so you can access your files anytime, from anywhere from other computers.  The installation creates a Dropbox folder on your computer — drop in a file and it “miraculously” appears on all of your shared computers. 

Why use DropBox?

  • The alternative: Not being able to access or share a file with someone because you left it on your “other” computer.
    •  It’s like a magic pocket! A single, secure place for all of your computer “stuff”.
    • You never have to remember where you “left” a file.  You can access all your files anytime you want from any computer that you have installed the software on.
    • You can access almost any type of file (even “specialty” files like Onenote & Zotero)
    • You can sync files between Mac’s & PC’s (you can even sync with you iPhone or iTouch).
    • All of your files are backed up and accessible on dropbox.com.
    • If your friends are members of Dropbox, you can copy files to a “share” folder so that they are allowed to add/edit/delete the files.
    • You can share files or photos to non-Dropbox users too. Just drop the file in a public folder and any files residing in the folder will be given a public link. Copy the public link and send via emails, IMs, etc. 

Some Suggested Uses:

  • Group Projects with Colleagues
    • When you are using your laptop away from school, you don’t have access to the FRHSD network so you can’t access files that have been saved on the network drive (aka “H drive” & “Z Drive”). Saving a file in a “dropbox” will allow people you are working with to always see the most updated version of the file.   
  • File Access for students
    • With the public folder option, you can easily make files available for students to see.  And..when you update a file, students will automatically see the latest version!  (i.e: if you upload a document to your website for students to see the “traditional way” you would have to re-upload the newer version if you make any changes…) 
  • Password Synchronization
    • Most of us have too many online accounts to possibly remember all of our log-in info. There are now many tools that will help you manage your multitude of passwords, & most of them work well with dropbox.  The following link can give you more info:


Additional Info:

Remember to share any web tools that you think your colleagues could benefit from.  Happy Organizing!

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