Featured Leadership Council: Louisiana!

This week we turn our eyes southward to feature the members of the Louisiana Leadership Council!  They recently hosted successful events in both northern LA and southern LA for the Virtual Conference,  and I have to admit they just might have locked up the best dressed category.  But that’s in the past, looking forward there’s the LACUE conference on the horizon and they have big things planned for it.  A dinner social is in the works, and it’s not enough to just bring yourself.  You need to find yourself a friend and bring them along as well! After all, the only thing more fun than a DEN event is sharing a DEN event with somebody new.

The LA Leadership Council is led by some extremely dedicated and creative DEN members.  While they’ve introduced themselves here, they’ve also put together an Animoto to show you who they really are.  Take a look!

So if you’re a Louisiana DEN member, take this as an opportunity to reaquaint yourself with their blog.  And if you aren’t, definitely stop by to see what’s cookin’ down in the bayou!


Skype is a site I use to call other teachers around the country and around the world. Paula Naugle, a 4th grade teacher with a passion for technology. She has over thirty years of classroom experience and is involved with training other teachers how to integrate Web 2.0 tools into their lessons. She is a PBWorks certified teacher and a new member of the Louisiana Discovery Educator Network Blog team for the Louisiana Leadership Council.


Tag Galaxy is a site that I use to browse through Flickr photos in 3D. Susan Gauthier, Educational Technology Consultant, develops and supports several professional development programs (Regional TLTCs, LILI, EIT, ProEx, LaTEL, Essentials) at the Louisiana Department of Education. Susan has eighteen years in education, including ten years in Louisiana classrooms and eight years of coordinating educational technology programs for the Department of Education. She is a proud member of the Louisiana Discovery Educator Network as the Blog Coordinator.


Animoto is a site that I use to enhance and engage teaching and learning. Susan Tompkins, Technology Facilitator and Mathematics & Web Design Teacher, uses technology with her students daily.  She is an advocate for professional development and speaks at conferences about the impact of 21st Century Teachers.  Susan has eight years in education, is an Intel Master Instructor, and will graduate in May from Northwestern State University with a Master’s in Educational Technology.  She is an inaugural year member of the Discovery Educator Network and enthusiastically serves as the Louisiana Leadership Council Chair and was awarded a DENny Leadership Award in 2009.


Rowdii is a site that I use to add comments to any website as well as link related sites together. Cindy Wallace won a classroom makeover from Promethean and uses technology with her students daily.  She is a Mathematics and ActivBoard Teacher, and serves as an Assistant Principal.  She is an inspired member of the Discovery Educator Network and actively serves as the Louisiana Leadership Council Events Coordinator.


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