Gresham Workshop Revisited

We had a great time at Gresham Middle School this past Saturday morning.  Five of our LC members were in attendance with just under 20 participants, so there was plenty of time for personal connections and one-on-one help as we worked through the DE Streaming site.  Many of the teachers were on the site for the very first time.

It was also a first for us (I think).  It was the first time we were at an event that was all Mac.  Not a PC in sight.  Well, as long as you don’t count mine fired up hiding in a corner so it wouldn’t feel so inferior.  At least by the end of the day I knew where the volume button is on a Mac keyboard!

Sally and Carole kicked off the event with an introduction into the basics of Streaming.  Tina followed up with a look at the Builders, and Teryl and Tim finished out the session with some tricks to using DE Streaming more effectively in the classroom.  And Teryl convinced 5 or 6 to start the STAR application process while they were there.  Go, Teryl!

I have to mention the incredible library facilities we used at Gresham.  Carole, one of our newer LC members, is the media specialist at Gresham, so we were in her element.  The main seating area (which you can see in the Animoto video below) has the old, hard, wooden chairs.  But they have a tremendous twist!  Each chair has been meticulously painted in the style of some famous painting.  It really adds an incredible charm to the seating area!

We had a great time at Gresham.  I hope we get to go back soon!


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  1. Carole Romeiser said:

    It was great to have everyone at Gresham! The Animoto movie is the perfect memento of the day. Thank you, Tim! We would love to have another event at Gresham soon!

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