Pink Bear or Blue Bear … Your Choice

6caadafdcabd7d39d4dd627890a69986_100___130_q901.jpgOne of my favorite tools is Glogster.  Students have used it to for presentations.  I have used it as a presentation platform, to introduce myself to parents, to imbed on Google Earth placemarks, and even for family holiday newsletters.  Last year when students had the option to use Glogster for a poetry project, the only complaint I heard from my male students was that their Glogster bear wore a pink sweater … and I couldn’t change it or I didn’t know how to alter it.  Well, all that has changed with the new Glogster updates.  Recent correspondence from Glogster on their website announced some of the additional changes they have made in response to educator feedback.

“We have made significant changes to enhance your ability to manage your student/teacher learning environments.  You will have complete control of all student activities within your account’s profiles and dashboards. This includes being able to manage adding/deleting students, changing/lost passwords, student profile information, student settings, and all messaging and comments.  Finally, you and your students will be able to regulate the progress status of Glogs with the following settings: Unfinished, Finished and Public for All.”

 At a recent DEN event, Jim Dachos, Education Director for Glogster, also told us that additional changes will be added shortly that include being able to check the content/subject area for each Glog.  Academic symbols such as addition and multiplication signs will also be available.  You can follow Jim on Diigo where he has posted some inspiring content oriented glogs.


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