The Season to Share

The MD LC hopes everyone had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving! As this break comes to a close and the holiday begins, I pose a new challenge to the readers of this blog: Share your knowledge about technology integration with a colleague. What you may have been doing for the past three years might be brand new to someone else. Not only are you helping a colleague, but you are helping all of the students in their class(es) learn in a new way. Here are some suggestions for helping tech newbies:

  1. Show them how to organize their email inbox.
  2. Share a Google Doc.
  3. Make sure they have a DE Streaming account and know how to do the basics like searching for content and downloading a clip.
  4. Help them connect their laptop to a projector.
  5. Help them set-up a class site or wiki.


Isn’t that a way better gift than soap or a candle?

We would love for you to come back to the blog and share your successes!


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