Music in the classroom

I was thinking the other day (yes, you smell smoke and no, it did not hurt). Does the music I play at various times in my classroom really matter?

One day, one of my students asked what happened to the music. She was missed it while she was doing her math Do Now. Humm. Looking back, when I played music (new age/nature/classical) my students seemed more focused and at ease. When I didn’t, they were more antsy and off task.

Now, I am no music expert nor have I done an in-depth study on music and its impact in an educational setting, but I see a positive influence on my students.

So I share with you a couple of sites that I use in my classroom and at home.

Pandora     AccuRadio

I have used Pandora for a few years now and I like how I can set it up for my own personal tastes.

I have just began to use AccuRadio last week and have just begun to learn its features.

Try them out and see what you think.


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