We're at TETC!

TETC has begun and Discovery is here with a BIG presence.  Not only are we represented with some wonderful people on the exhibit floor, but Discovery Education has reserved a corporate room where there are back to back to back sessions on DE Streaming, Science, Assessment, and more.

Teryl and Tim had nearly 50 people in our Skype/UStream session.  Tina joined us via Skype from Cleveland where she is recovering from back surgery.  We had a fantastic response with lots of questions that demonstrated learning was taking place!

Jennifer Dorman is the main presenter in the corporate room, but she will be joined by some other DE employees and a few volunteer teachers over the next 2 1/2 days.Brad Fountain is one of the keynote speakers this week.  He will be talking about the iBrains of a new generation.As we go through, we’ll try to update the blog with ideas and tips we pick up along the way.  Right now, we don’t have ready access to the Internet so the blogging will be intermittent.  Teryl and I are sitting in the Apple Lab about to get training on iMovie and iPhoto, so we wanted to let everyone know what’s going on!Have a great day, and if you are at TETC, look us up and say Hi!


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