Web 2.0 and Discovery — A partnership

There are so many good web 2.o tools out there, several with a Discovery presence already.  Now, how can we use those Web 2.o tools with Discovery products to help academic achievement.   Here’s a few ideas:

>>Wikis are a great and easy start.  Create your own special Discovery related wiki with subject pages to add topical Discovery links to

>>A blog is another easy start way.   Create postings on a blog your teachers can easily see (add a feed option preferably) and post Discovery  links and news relating to topics being studied at the time

>>Use a Delicious or Diigo account to save bookmarks for presenting to teachers during a Professional Development session featuring Discovery

>>Set up a Ning for your campus or district for sharing ideas on using Discovery in the classroom

 What about you?  What wonderful ideas do YOU have for combining web 2.0 tools and Discovery?  We would love to see your comments on this!


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  1. Howard Martin said:

    Betsy, nice ideas! We started using Nings in our district this last summer. Since it is locked-down or password protected, teachers can post clips or links to Discovery media on their class ning and then have the students blog or discuss key ideas in discussion forums. Depending on how you set it up, a ning can be a powerful Web 2.0 tool!

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