Mid-South Technology Conference Begins

Today has been a great day in Memphis, TN!  The good folks with Memphis City Schools have done a remarkable job for their first truly regional Mid-South Technology Conference here at the Memphis Convention Center.  Nearly 1,000 are in attendance for technology training just a few blocks from historic Beale Street and the Peabody Hotel.

dscf5880.JPGThe day began with a keynote from Alan November.  If you’ve ever seen Alan speak at a conference, you know how engaging and personable he is.  Today he was at the top of his game just bouncing us from one idea to the next as they ping-ponged across his brain.  I’ll share more about that in a later post.

In the morning, I attended an informative session on BrainPop and another on the use of the video site Oovoo in schools.  Both were well-attended and the information was extremely useful.

After  lunch there was a keynote by John Seely Brown.  I had never heard him before.  While his information was sound, his presentation style is a little staid for right after lunch when nap time calls.

dscf5903.JPGAt the end of the day was my session on Skype.  I had a fairly packed room with about 65 people in attendance.  Most had never heard of Skype, or if they had they had never used it.  Another TN LC member, Tina Moore, Skyped into my session to talk about how she has used Skype in her classroom.  She was able to demonstrate Skype’s ability to share your computer screen.  The participants had lots and lots of questions when that piece was over, so we threw out the rest of the planned session and just popped the hood on the old Skype convertible and took a look at its horsepower.  It was, quite honestly, one of the most enjoyable sessions I’ve ever done.  The feedback from the group was phenomenal.

Tomorrow we start again.  Hall Davidson will be doing a keynote right after lunch.  In the morning, I will present on Building a Better Builder.  I would love to Ustream both sessions if I can get the audio fixed.  Today’s session is online, but there is only video, so its coming down later tonight.  Or maybe I could do one of those voice-overs like when the director narrates what was going on in his mind while shooting a particular scene.  Hmmmm…..


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