MSTC09 Day Two

Day Two of the Mid-South Technology Conference is about to begin.  It is another cold, but sunny, day in Memphis.  I am looking forward to another great round of workshops and keynotes today.

There is an interesting twist to this schedule.  One strand of morning sessions are two-hour, in-depth sessions.  The other strand has two, one-hour sessions.  I am in the latter.  My session today is at 10:15 CST.  I’ll be talking about Building a Better Builder in DE Streaming.

My session will give a quick overview of how the builders work: where you find them, how you create them, and how to pull in DE Streaming content.  Then, we’ll move on to embedding Web 2.0 tools into the builders.  To do that, of course, we will highlight the oft overlooked “html” button associated with the text boxes of the builders.

I’ll probably show how to embed a VoiceThread, something from Blabberize, a Glog from Glogster, and Teacher Tube content (although that last site can sometimes be a little finicky with bandwidth issues).

Here is another quick tip from Alan November’s keynote yesterday.  Ever heard of Jing?  Jing is a free screencast software you can use to quickly create video tutorials for your students.  I have the professional version ($14.95 a year) that allows me to also embed my own Webcam in the tutorial, but the free version works great.

With Jing, you simply select the section of the screen you want to capture, click the filmstrip icon and wait for it to count down 3 – 2 – 1 and then you are recording.  It will capture your voice and all the mouse movements, clicks, and other goings on which you perform within the screen capture box.  When you are done, simply click “stop.”

The nice thing about Jing is that you can immediately upload your finished file (after previewing of course) to and get a workable URL automatically applied to your clipboard.  You can email the URL or embed it in your website.  Either way, anyone clicking it will immediately be taken to your tutorial already embedded in Flash format.

(NOTE: Here is the kicker I just discovered this morning. is blocked by ENA for TN schools.  I am working on getting this overturned, but for now, this easy-to-use screencast tool is unavailable for our students.)


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