Wireless conductivity

While I am far from being an expert on wireless, I am seeing a potential problem with wireless in schools.
While working on a build project in SL I inadvertently returned a part of 2DP to the owner of the building, twice.  I think my problem was the wireless lag.  I lost control and random objects disappeared, not the ones I had clicked on.

This made me think about wireless conductivity. It is an important issue because as schools are implementing tech plans that include wireless classrooms, there are expectations that all things wired can go wireless!  As more and more tools are “in the cloud” how will wireless connection affect performance?

This is shift from wired to wireless has important consequences to services like Discovery Education and Brain-pop because multiple teachers are not going to be able to successfully stream video through the same wireless connection simultaneously.  I don’t know where the tipping point is. Is it 2 teachers, or 4 teachers streaming?  Who knows, but there will be lag.

One solution to the streaming problem is to keep the computer wired in the classroom if it is attached to a projector. That at least solves the presentation issue.  The performance issue still remains for groups trying to use web 2.0 tools through the same access point.

thoughts? What is your solution?


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