Featured Leadership Council: Iowa!

This week, we’re featuring a DEN that’s really starting to build momentum, and just happens to be the home of my own alma mater (go Hawkeyes!), IOWA!  Iowa has an extremely dedicated leadership council that is working on building out the DEN community there.  In fact, they’ve pegged the ITEC Technology Fair as there location of their next event.

The Annual Iowa Technology and Education Student Technology Fairs are coming up in April, 2010. There will be an Eastern, Central and Western Iowa sites for the fairs. Students in K-12 can work on projects in the following categories: Multimedia, Web Presence, Programming, Video or Linear Presentations, Graphics/Publishing, 3-D Rendering, and Music/Sound Design. We would like to have DEN members participate by sponsoring students or by being judges. Watch for information coming after Winter break.

So if you are a DEN member in Iowa, or you have colleagues in Iowa, please visit the Iowa blog and let them know!

The Iowa Leadership Council is chaired by Ann Nicholson, Curriculum and Technology Integration Facilitator for the Cedar Rapids School district.  Ann develops and provides a lot of the professional development related to technology integration. Ann is also on the board of the Iowa Technology and Education Connection, a group that provides an annual state technology conference as well as student technology fairs. Ann has also been an adjunct professor at Mt. Mercy College and taught Educational Media and Technology.

The blog chair for the team is Jason Cochrane, a Science Teacher for the Cedar Rapids Community School District.  Outside of teaching Biology and Earth Science, Jason provides training and support for the newly acquired SMART boards and online grading system in his school. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in administration and planning a wedding for the July, 2010!  Jason was also lucky enough to travel to South Africa with the Discovery Student Adventures program this past summer!

Jane Suiter, a Science Teacher for the Cedar Rapids Community School District, is serving as the Events Chair for the Iowa Leadership Council.  Jane not only teaches Science, she also is an adjunct professor for Kirkwood Community College and teachers classes in Business and Information Technology. Jane organized a Day of Geochaching for the Iowa DEN last year and also organized a face-to-face meeting for DEN members participating in the DEN Tech or Treat Virtual conference this fall.

While Iowa is one of our newer Leadership Councils, they’re primed and ready for some rapid growth and are ready to tap into the passionate educators that teach in the Hawkeye state.  Stop by the Iowa blog and give them a shoutout, and help us thank them for their time and effort to expand the DEN’s presence in Iowa!


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