Propel Montour to host DEN SCIcon 2010


 What a great place to hold an event for Discovery Education…a school.  No room fees, no charge for Internet, and we even get to sit in those little chairs.

 I was pretty pumped up when I found out that Propel Montour would be hosting this very unique virtual conference on January 9th. Even though it is going to be a virtual conference, our lineup of hands-on concurrent sessions is looking very exciting.

 Instead of sitting around and sulking about the cold January weather, why not come out to Propel Montour and join us in all of the fun.  At this point in the year, the Steelers will be finished, and you can spend January 10th( usually the first round of playoffs) playing around with all the cool ideas you learned from the day before. (Sorry Steeler fans…let’s be realistic…they lost to the BROWNS….THE BROWNS)

 Please click below if you plan on attending IN PERSON.  


Bring a friend…why not bring your principal!

 If you have any questions, please email me.  joliphant AT

Propel Montour
340 Bilmar Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205


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  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Great post, Joe. Unfortunately, I won’t be joining you for the live event, but will cover the virtual SciCon. Am hoping you and Traci can cover the live events?

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