Do you know TrueTube ( ? As you can tell from the URL this is a UK based service. It is a place to debate social issues through the use of uploaded videos.  As they put it –

“TrueTube is a free, website which uses real-life stories and issues to encourage teenagers to explore and debate the world of morality, ethics, politics and religion. TrueTube brings to life the subjects at the heart of Secondary Education using short-form web-based video and multimedia technology. The site encourages teenagers to find their voice as they explore their own value systems and those of their peers around the corner and across the world.”

The site has short videos on all sides of all the hot button issues that divide our society. If you deal with these topics with your students, they can be very good discussion starters for your class. Your students can also prepare short videos with their take on the topic and upload them to add their voice to the debate.


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