Invitations – holiday, grant opportunities, guest blogging, SciCon, reviews …..whew

December’s invitations: Seems I can’t eat dinner more than a couple of times this month. Must maintain that balance of calories in & out while juggling hors d’oeuvres and holiday beverages – this kind of juggling does not burn as many calories as Emily’s bike riding.

Are you looking for more $$ for your classroom, especially in these times of budget cuts? Consider applying for one of the Qwest grants available to AzTEA members. Up to $10,000 is possible. For more info

I know there are some webinars about better blogging.  Looking them up over holiday vacation is on my list of “to do(s)”.  In the meantime, the invitation is open and waiting for you to use this space. Send in your thoughts in the comments area.

Will you and the science teachers at your school be joining other DEN member for Sci Con on January 9th? It’s another of the now famous Discovery Virtual conference events. Snowflake and Tucson are hosting live events with food for a collaborative crowd. Check the National DEN site and read those Discovery newsletters that come to your e-mail box. Check here again soon for a registration link.

The recent webinar with Gail Lovely was excellent. Her site captured the attention of every techie in the audience.

Other sites of interest:    

Please RSVP to my invitation to blog here – leave your comments about recommended links, muse about the direction of AARA…

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