Protect Your E-Mail from Scam Bots

I saw this post from Robin Martin on the Pennsylvania state blog about protecting your e-mail address.  Since I know very little about this issue, I followed the link she included and learned a great deal.  I thought I would pass it on.  Thanks, Robin!

I have often seen e-mails spelled out or done in creative ways on websites, but I figured it was a creativity idea.  After reading a Tweet from rmbyrne with this URL: I thought I would follow the trail and find out more.  The tweet led me to Sue Waters blog post about protecting your e-mail from scam bots in several different ways.  She provides several e-mail image generators to protect your e-mail.  I strongly suggest that you visit this post by Sue and change how you publish your e-mail on blogs, wikis, and other websites you maintain.


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