DEN Diigo Links

Looking for great resources to use with your students or perhaps even yourself?  Did you know that the Discovery Educator Network is a great place to find those resources?  I’m sure you do, but do you know about the DEN Diigo group?  What’s Diigo?  It’s a social bookmarking site, like Delicious, but a little more powerful.   The DEN Diigo group is a resource sharing group organized by Jennifer Dorman, a fantastic educator and DEN superstar.  Members of the group, you can join for free, are able to save bookmarks which are shared with all members of the group.  If you don’t want to join the group, you can still access the links on the DEN Diigo group page.When I signed up, I chose to have the links emailed to me on a weekly basis.  If you’d like, you could have the links emailed to you daily.  The way I have it set up works well for me.  I simply receive an email with the new links and a brief description of the site.  I also find out who saved the site as well.Another place you can find the latest links is the Wisconsin DEN blog.  Yes, this blog.Simply click on DEN Links near the top of the page and you will find the 20 most recent links that have been added to the group.


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