Are you on the front page?

Yesterday, I got an email that was obviously a forward from a co-worker.  I can’t stand those forwards with the funny subject lines.  For some reason, I opened it.  I am so glad that I did, because the resource she shared was so exciting…totally up my alley.



As a teacher, I always used the newspaper.  Whether it was having my children look at the weather and read it to their peers, reviewing the sports section, or searching for current events, one way or another, we used the newspaper.

Now that I work in 5 schools, I can totally see how teachers can build this resource into their instruction for project-based learning, review of current events, or just to see the diverse ways that we publish the newspaper across the world.

Imagine all of the possibilities! If you can think of different way of using this resource, please comment to this post with your idea.


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  1. Janice Abernethy said:

    Joe, I use the newspaper in a very basic way in my class. On Thursday’s we receive 12 local newspapers and students pair up and share them. They lie or sit all over the classroom and read the newspaper. My goal is to make it an enjoyable event that students will take with them into their lives as adults. The message being, enjoy the newspaper! After about twenty or so minutes, students report interesting facts they have found and we record them on our class blog. Not highly academic, yet geared toward a love of life long learning. Check out our blog:

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