AZ Lesson Plan shared by DEN -October Virtual participant

As we eagerly await the unfolding of the SciCon Conference this Saturday, Jan. 9th, I’d like to share something from a previous DEN Virtual Event. Susan Drenkhahn, an educator in Snowflake, developed a lesson plan incorporating resources and tools she learned about in the October 2009 DEN Virtual Conference. At a recent DEN LC meeting, we talked about how we could encourage more of this type of sharing and possible PD credits for going the “extra mile” as Susan did.

You are welcome to contribute your suggestions about the type of PD we could offer in upcoming DEN f2f events OR in the virtual environment.  We’re sure to have some answers and ideas before MEC (yeah, Steve Dembo as Keynote Speaker) in mid-March. Stay tuned to this space and remember to send your contributions to the greater classroom.

Susan’s lesson is designed for Grades 9-12, Spec Ed, self-contained,  and incorporates Science, History, Geography and Reading Comprehension. Way to integrate!

Thanks again to Susan Drenkhahn!    See the attachment      lesson_plan.doc

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